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T&A Carpentry and Refurbishing LLC is the local specialist in acoustic ceiling installation. We provide ceiling installation services in both residential and commercial properties.

Our clients appreciate our superior craftsmanship, swift project-delivery times, and affordable price points. Contact our contractors at (954) 702-4837 to book a no-obligation consultation today.

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No-Obligation Consultations with a Certified Ceiling Contractor

At T&A Carpentry and Refurbishing LLC, we believe in the value of transparency, which is why we offer our clients comprehensive, no-obligation consultations on all our services. Book a consultation with us, and we'll send a certified contractor to your property to develop a customized soundproofing solution tailored to your needs and budget.

We'll listen carefully to what you want out of our services. Are you tired of hearing footsteps from upstairs? Are you concerned about maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your office but need to make conversations between employees easier? Our contractors are a wealth of knowledge—we'd be happy to share our insights into the best-value products for your needs.

When we have a firm grasp of the scope of the job at hand, we'll put together a full cost breakdown of the service, should you choose to hire us to complete it. Rest assured, our quotes include all material and labor fees, so you'll be able to budget accordingly.

High-Performance Acoustic Ceiling Panels

When home and business owners in the area are looking for the best in acoustic solutions, they come to us. Our company boasts a product inventory of premium acoustic drop tiles that absorb sound and reduce echoing for optimal noise control throughout your property.

Plus, we offer tiles in a broad array of acoustic performances, styles, and sizes. That way, you can select the ideal product that fits your budget, needs, and taste.

Discover superior noise reduction without breaking the bank. Ask our team members about our product catalog today.

Acoustic Panel Installation

When you've chosen your acoustic panels and agreed to a contract, our skilled contracting crew will jump into action. We're renowned for our fast project-delivery times, and in order to deliver them, we meticulously organize our deployment of labor from start to finish. You can expect us to have a fully-fledged, detailed installation plan before we even step foot on-site. Our crew will work seamlessly and efficiently, making the most of every minute to secure a flawless and visually stunning noise-reducing ceiling according to your exact specifications.

Faster than the rest, trusted among the best. We'll have your ceiling finished before you know it.

Residential and Commercial Acoustic Ceilings

Home and business owners alike can benefit from the superior sound quality of an acoustic ceiling. Improve the productivity of your office and improve your quality of life in your home. Our superior ceiling systems are a fantastic choice for both residential and commercial buildings.

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Discover the difference a sound-absorbing ceiling system can make. T&A Carpentry and Refurbishing LLC is the first-choice contractor in town for ceiling installations that are reliable, timely, and affordable.

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